Life goes on with SAKE 2011

Life goes on with SAKE 2011 was held at Hotel New Otani Hakata on July 18, 2011. More than 30 sake breweries attended the sake festival. You can enjoy 100 kinds of sake and eight kinds of dishes supervised by the chief chef of Hotel New Otani. The main theme of this festival is "to understand, enjoy, and like sake more".


You can enjoy sakes per se but sakes go well with every kind of food. When you eat the dishes together with sake, you will understand it well. For those who cannot decide which sake to drink, a leaflet is provided which explains all kinds of sake in detail. I would like to introduce some sakes with which I was impressed.

*Chiebijin Junmai Ginjo (Chie, the beauty, sake brewed only with highly polished rice)

Chiebijin is brewed by Nakano brewery located in Oita prefecture. Chie is the name of the wife of the first master brewer. Bijin means beauty. The sake has a slight apple-like aroma and a little bit sweet.


*Shichihonyari Junmai (seven spears, sake brewed only with rice)

Shichihonyari is produced by Tomita brewery located in Shiga prefecture and is named by Rosanjin Kitaoji, a famous gourmet, based on the history of the seven samurai worriers in the 16th century. You can enjoy the sake both when it is cooled and when it is warmed. It has a clear and sharp taste when it is cooled but has a mild taste when it is warmed. I enjoyed both tastes a lot.


*Gunmaizumi Yamahai junmai (The fountain in Gunma, sake brewed only with rice by Yamahai technique)

Gunmaizumi is produced by Shimaoka brewery located in Gunma prefecture. The sake is a vintage one produced in 2007. Therefore, it has a thick and rich taste. The sake is brewed only with rice and by Yamahai technique. Yamahai is the abbreviation of "Yamaoroshi haishi". "Yamaoroshi" is to crush rice in order to progress fermentation quickly. "Haishi" means "disuse". Therefore, Yamahai means sake brewed not crushing rice.


There are a lot of other good sakes such as Koimari, Manrei and Nabeshima. I could taste only 30 kinds of sake. I want to try all of them next year. After the festival, you can bring back your sake cup to your home.


If you are interested in it, go to the web site of Sumiyoshi liqueur store, which hosted the festival, at http://sumiyoshisyuhan.com/.

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Daisuke ITO

Author:Daisuke ITO
I'm Daisuke ITO.
I am an interpreter and translator living in Fukuoka.
I like sake and an eating tour very much.
I'll let you know all about Fukuoka's sake.
I hope that you enjoy my blog!

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