I went to Aso, Kumamoto prefecture with my friends from the US for sightseeing. We went to Uchinomaki hot spring to eat Aka-ushi beef, i.e., red cattle beef. Kumamoto is famous for its Aka-ushi beef.


Basically, Kuro-ushi beef, i.e., black cattle beef is popular in Japan because Kuro-ushi beef contains a lot of fat and therefore is sweet. However, Aka-ushi beef contains less fat and has light taste. That's why you can enjoy the taste of the beef itself.


We went to Rorian in Uchinomaki hot spring. The restaurant has traditonal appearance and interior. Inside of the restaurant was very quiet and I felt very comfortable. I ordered Aka-ushi steak and my friends orderd Aka-ushi hamburg steak. The Aka-ushi steak had a very good taste and melted in my mouth. You can enjoy the marvelous steak only at 1980 yen! The humberg steak was also very good. It was verys soft and its demiglace sauce was very rich. You can get it only at 1180 yen!



If you are interested in Rorian, please check the following!

お食事処 炉里庵 [ 郷土料理 ] - Yahoo!グルメ


テーマ : おいしい店紹介
ジャンル : グルメ

Hakata Station Oyster Bar

Hakata Station Oyster Bar is located on 10th floor in Amu Plaza Hakata. It serves fresh oysters from all over the world!!! In addition, you can also enjoy various tapases, wines, cocktails and so on.

I ordered "Haruka" from Shimane, a six-piece plate containing oysters from Kujuku-Shima, blue mussel seasoned with chili sauce and so on.

Each kind of oyster had different taste. "Haruka" was very rich and milky. Oysters from Kujuku-Shima were light. Those from somewhere were a little bit sweet. I want to try many others. 
☆ 2.5

テーマ : おいしい店紹介
ジャンル : グルメ

Hakata Bistro TAKENOYA

I went to Hakata Bistro TAKENOYA located on 10th floor in JR Hakata City. TAKENOYA was a standing bar style bistro (even though you can sit on a chair). You could eat and dring at a reasonable price.

I ordered three glasses of wine, a foie gras pate and a potato salad. I forgot the name of the wine.
The wine was made in France using Cabernet Sauvignon. It was full-bodied but I felt it a little bit light.
The foie gras pate only cost 450 yen. Very reasonable. It tasted good. However, foie gras...
The potato salad contained blue cheese. So I though it went well with the wine. But I didn't taste blue cheese. The salad itself was good.
☆ 2

テーマ : おいしい店紹介
ジャンル : グルメ


I went to LOMBRAGE BIGARRE located in Onojo City. LOMBRAGE BIGARRE is famous for its Danish pastries. You can also enjoy lunch and snacks there.

I bought a respberry Danishi pastry. Its custard was rich and sweet and melted on my toungh. Its dough was crispy and sweet a litle bit. It was very nice. 
Previously, I bought other Danish pastries such as cherry and banana. All of them were also nice. Why don't you get some?
☆ 3

テーマ : おいしい店紹介
ジャンル : グルメ

Niku-Niku-Udon (Double Beef Noodle?)

I went to Niku-Niku-Udon located in Onojo City. The udon has a ginger topping and a very thick and sweet soup.

Its color was black, which was not usual in Fukuoka.  Beef was sufficiently stewed and sweet. The soupe was good
However, its noodles were not so good. They did not have sifficient elesticity and taste.
☆ 1.5

テーマ : おいしい店紹介
ジャンル : グルメ


Daisuke ITO

Author:Daisuke ITO
I'm Daisuke ITO.
I am an interpreter and translator living in Fukuoka.
I like sake and an eating tour very much.
I'll let you know all about Fukuoka's sake.
I hope that you enjoy my blog!

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